73K Designers Leading The Website Design Revolution With Webydo’s Code-Free Design Studio


Why do people invent new things? To impress others, to make a valuable scientific contribution or just for fun? Though the reasons may seem to be different on the surface, the underlying idea always remains the same – to make our lives easier. People invented cars to move faster, mobiles phones to get in touch instantly and Webydo’s online design studio came about to enable professional web and graphic designers to create their clients websites without having to rely on a developer.

Webydo was developed to put designer’s front and center in the website creation process and to be able to grow their independent business or design agency. According to the survey, nearly 70% of the average web project budget goes to manual coding which is in fact a repetitive, outdated process. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to say coders are bad, I’m just trying to show that people who slave over each single pixel, bring in new ideas and even commence whole new trends don’t get a deserved reward. In other words, Webydo’s goal is to restore justice providing designers with full artistic freedom.


Webydo –The Modern Day Designers B2B Solution

Webydo defines itself as a new B2B solution that stands apart in the market that mainly rests on the conventional site creation approach (WordPress, custom design + manual coding) and B2C (Do-It-Yourself) solutions reserved for very simple web projects only. The new solution is expected to cater to 38 million professional web designers seeking for creative freedom. As of today Webydo serves over 73K professional designers around the world, with them community growing every day.


Build Your Brand with Webydo

Webydo is a complex, multi-faceted platform allowing designers not only to create, but also manage multiple projects from one dashboard. You get full control over the entire workflow, even if you decide to outsource a piece of the job to a collaborator.

One of the nicest features that can be found only at Webydo is the ‘Build Your Brand’ option. It allows you to replace the existing system logos with your own images to show your existing and potential clients how serious and experienced you are. Besides, you can bill your clients for each service or entire project directly from the Webydo Dashboard (up to $10,000 per project).

Responsive Team, Responsive Websites

The core of the system is the Design Management System that is completely code-free. It is powered by a code generator that lets designers see their designs in action immediately, right after clicking on the Save Changes button. This code converter produces a web standards compliant code guaranteeing excellent look and behavior of your website across different devices. In other words, each Webydo website is responsive from the start.


By the way, there’s a Mobile Editor in the DMS where you can preview and adjust the mobile version of your site. Additionally to the standard options, there are mobile-specific features that you can use to provide your mobile visitors with unique, mobile-specific experiences: Online Scheduling, Click-to-Call, easy locator (via Google Maps application) etc.


You will be surprised to learn that the Desktop, Mobile and Tablet preview feature was suggested by one of the Webydo users. There’s a separate page on Webydo for that – Participate! There you can help improve the system by suggesting your own ideas, reporting bugs and also voting for existing suggestions to add more feautres. Your feedback does matter. There’s a live chat window for urgent cases and a traditional contact form for long-term suggestions.

You can create a website and publish it on Webydo’s subdomain without spending a dime. Only when it’s ready to be published you need to upgrade your account. At $7.90-9.90/mo you’ll be able to connect a domain name. The cost covers powerful cloud hosting that is monitored 24/7. Webydo makes automatic backups to ensure your work will be retrieved in case of a disruption or any other sudden e-mishap.


Another secret weapon is their partnership with Akamai which is a CDN (Content Delivery Network) and site acceleration service provider. Thanks to this service (mainly content duplication) your website will be loaded as quickly as possible from anywhere in the world.

Try out Webydo today by creating your Free account and let us know you thoughts in the comments below. Unleash your creativity and join the professional designer’s revolution.


This article is proudly presented by Webydo’s community of professional designers.


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