Advertise Your Brand Through Twitter


The popularity of Twitter has grown tremendously over the past few years. Over 500 million user accounts have been made on it (second highest). From companies to celebrities to normal people, everyone uses it. So if you are look for an effective way of advertising your brand, then twitter is the way go. It’s a great tool to send messages, divulge your brand’s information and news to a global audience.

However, when it comes to advertising on twitter, people are quite perplexed. Probably because they are unsure about know how twitter operates in the first place. So in this post I’ll explain how to effectively advertise your brand on twitter.

Choosing An Advertising Medium On Twitter

The first and foremost step is choosing an advertising medium. There are a couple of options open to you i.e. Promoted Accounts and Promoted Tweets. To help you in picking a suitable one, I have given a small description of each of these mediums:

1. Promoted Tweets:

How does it feel, when you put up a fantastic tweet, but it doesn’t get the exposure it deserves? Pretty exasperating I reckon. Well, fret not. Through promoted tweets you can ensure that your tweets are seen by a bigger audience.

Making a promoted tweet is quite simple. Just send a tweet to your followers and promote it. The tweet that you have promoted will then show as content in the search results.
Promoted tweets are quite similar to paid search ads, because when a user will search for a keyword, you have a bid on, they (promoted tweets) will show.

Promoted Tweets

2. Promoted Accounts:

A promoted account is probably one of the simplest ways of advertising on twitter. Through promoted accounts, your profile will be displayed conspicuously on the “Who-to-follow” list (as shown in the following image). It’s all about enticing more and more people (with similar interests) to follow you.

In the past, building a long list of followers seemed like a formidable and tedious task. But with the introduction of this medium, it is relatively straight-forward.

Romoted Accounts


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