10 ways to attract more readers to your blog


Each and every one of us wants to be successful in everything we do, and running a blog online is not an exception. For some people it’s a hobby, for others – business, but anyway, we all want people to read what we write and in this article we will tell you how to attract readers to your blogs.
In order to get a popular blog you should find a theme that inspires you. Let’s say you are a fan of technologies and try to keep up with all the new products on the market. In this case you can write a post about such common problem as weak cell phone connection and ways to solve it. Recommend your readers visiting website MyAmplifiers.com. On this website they will learn everything about mobile amplifiers, how they work and how to use them. To know more about it read here.
Providing tips for solving a problem that a lot of people face in their everyday life can increase number of your readers immensely. Even if some people don’t care about mobile amplifiers, they will know that you are one of those people who offer some practical advice.


But that was just a brief example. In this article we will offer you 10 effective and easy tips that even a newbies can use to make their blogs popular:

Exchange materials with popular bloggers.

In the beginning, while your blog is still new, ask popular bloggers to publish your articles with the link to your blog. That way you will be able to bring new readers to your blog. Note though, that this tactic is suitable only for new blogs, because if you run an established blog with a number of readers it would be quiet foolish to give away interesting material.

Comment other people’s blogs.

If your comments are competent and informative people will start noticing you and checkingout your blog. And if they find fresh and unique information, they are likely to become your readers.

Put a thought into the name of your blog.

Remember that the title of the blog can either attract readers or make them go the other way from your blog. Ideally, the best would be to choose the title which says about the theme of your blog. For instance, if you are writing about mobile technologies, try to find the title that will reflect that.

Create test.

Try to create or find some interesting tests, blog readers like to share stuff like that. It can be different kinds of tests, but try not to go into completely different dimension. Post the tests related to the main theme of your blog. If you are a beauty blogger find some interesting color tests or diet tests.

Translate articles from other languages.

If you know any foreign language, that is a huge advantage you definitely should use if you want to make your blog popular. You can translate articles so your readers could be aware of what’s happening in the sphere of your interest in other countries.

Make lists.

People like reading all sorts of lists. It can be rules or advices, it doesn’t matter. Lists are quite easy to remember and use, so don’t forget about them.

Use social network.

Put the link to your block on your Twitter and Facebook accounts and the chances are that someone who will check out your page will take a look at your blog. There can never be too much of advertising.

Don’t write about your failures, write about your success.

If it’s your personal blog, try to make the impression of a successful person even if your life is going downhill at the moment. Don’t lie, just write about your accomplishments more.

Don’t ignore your readers.

If you have already gained a number of readers don’t ignore them if they comment on your posts. Talk to them; try to learn if maybe they would like you to write about something else.

Use audio and video podcasts.

For personal blog or a beauty blog it is a very popular tool for getting new followers and maybe even new friends.

Using these 10 not so difficult advices you will definitely start to notice that number of your readers is increasing!


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