10 Important Features Of An E-Commerce Website


An ecommerce website has developed and essential features which popularize the site on the internet. A website has various interesting features but an ecommerce site necessarily has these features which make it worthy.  In this article, we would discuss the 10 ecommerce site characteristics which make them popular and effective.


1. Navigation

This is an important feature of why ecommerce sites are exclusive. These sites have a range of products and services at one page. Therefore the feature of navigation is necessary to build an effective ecommerce webpage or ecommerce software. A webpage for ecommerce site may hold different values to both the developer and also the average visitor. Testing these would help the developer gain insight into the ecommerce site potential.

2. Checkout Process

For the checkout process which is an essential process for shopping experience and also critical for success of an ecommerce website. In the final procedure for fulfilling the site a checkout process must be structured which is easy and have minimal steps. These necessary details for updating a checkout process are important.

3. Effective Search

The website search is an effective and important aspect of the web design. This is how the customer would appraise whether he/she can elaborate on choices/options for buying and selling activities. These options can be narrowed to few. While these and similar other choices can increase site page links optimizing these can increase website popularity.

4. Usability

Customers increase their rankings for the site which is highly recommended for functionality of website. Adding new features while summarizing those necessary aspects which improve site visibility also helps the usability of the site.  Usability of the site can improve remarkably easily when visibility and rankings also improve.

5. Product Categories

The product categories are all specifically added to site. This increases site characteristics. This can be developed from lists made on the site and also where on the site these categories have been applied. This provides easier access too.

6. Payment Gateway

Choosing the right payment account and gateway, delivers better chances of proving the site to the customers and users. Although thevisitors do believe in a site which has easier access, a merchant account recognized by consumer has a greater appeal.

7. Delivery Information

Providing and including link ups to information on the sitedelivery options can dramatically increase choices and options for the vary consumer. This causes a wannabe customer to gather and come around to prospective buying. Changing dynamics of complex delivery modes can be difficult for the site owner to resolve. Thus having a simpler delivery mode with easy and convenient information increases site effectiveness.

8. Social Media Information

The sites which are navigable and effective necessarily contain social media information, networking sites, changing social milieu. Gathering site networking from ecommerce sites thus becomes effectively relevant and easier when user commits to such a site.

9. Simplicity

The sites which increase on site viability and connectivity must resize for simplicity. The number of linked pages, site tabs and organization, categorization indicate immediately the advantage in using the site. Thus sites which are simple score over complex and difficult to maneuver websites.

10. Fonts and Surfaces

Bigger fonts make the site look accessible and give a meaning as well. Alternatively, surfaces which are rich and where interfaces are more than just finished increase an ecommerce site to collect more user likeability and reviews.


In conclusion, an ecommerce site can bring more customers to like the site with a combination of features like navigation, payment gateway and simplicity. In this article we have discussed 10 effective features of an ecommerce website. Readers can submit their views or comments about the article.

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