Emerging Trends in Business Communication


As we approach the middle of the year for 2013, businesses have increasingly recognized the advantages of digital solutions for their business phone systems. Cloud phone systems, such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP,) is expecting compound growth to almost 30% by the end of 2016, and it’s not necessarily exclusive to VoIP being less expensive than their analog counterparts.


Businesses that utilize enterprise VoIP services and virtual phone systems, like those provided by Broadview Networks, may see tremendous growth in both efficiency and productivity by their employees. Never before have small businesses been able to operate on the level of mega corporations without substantial capital investment to set up a network of databases and switches, and employing full-time technicians for maintaining such systems. Instead, features like Auto Attendant, Mobile Twinning, and compartmentalization come standard and are digitally maintained by the software residing in “the cloud.”

VoIP has excelled over traditional analog technologies with its ability to centralize several phone systems into one location and allow users to make calls directly from their computer or mobile device, as well as automatically organizing voicemails to be delivered straight to the intended recipient’s e-mail. Furthermore, any compatible device can be integrated with the system to allow mobility and increase productivity, such as cell phones and tablets, as long as a broadband internet connection is present.

However, the appeal for businesses to utilize VoIP doesn’t just stop there. The ease of access which VoIP provides has allowed smoother customer transactions by streamlining communication patterns and establishing a virtual office environment for employees on the move.Italso has enabled businesses to accumulate the data necessary for targeting the needs of their customers. More businesses today are monitoring employee to customer interactions and adjusting for consumer demand accordingly.

What used to be out of reach for start-up businesses is rapidly becoming an industry standard with the use of cloud phone systems. Businesses that require a call center are able to get up and running at a fraction of the cost they would have expected to pay just a few short years ago. Additionally, one of the biggest factors for VoIP’s emerging trend in business communication is not just its low cost, but also its simplicity of expansion. Because VoIP phone systems are digital, additional departments can be created and can grow as needed almost instantly, without additional contracts.

What are some other emerging business communication trends that you’ve noticed this year?  How are you using them to succeed?


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