Facebook: An Effective Social Marketing Tool for Your Business Enterprise


Social Media Marketing is an increasingly popular marketing technique employed by large corporations as well as the small business holdings to attract large customer base from every corner of the world. It is imperative for business holdings to create a strong presence in the virtual world irrespective of the nature and size of the enterprise so as to increase awareness about their products and services. Creating and maintaining an updated social identity highlighted through lots of promotional activities is an important element of business marketing strategy nowadays, and your Facebook business account can help you reach out to a global client base and meet that requirement.


Social Media Marketing Tools – A Quick Overview

It is essential to create and develop a social networking account for your business holding and company website to brand and endorse your company identity across the World Wide Web. In addition, various web based social media marketing techniques such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMO (Social Media Optimization) have come into existence currently. These utilize information from social networking sites such as Facebook and live RSS feeds (including virtual groups and public blog forums) to help direct real-time internet traffic of online visitors to your web based site or online forums as in Facebook promoting your business products and services. When going for any social networking blog it is always a smart idea to learn about it well so as to get the best from it.You can also look for review site so as to get the reviews about these social networking sites and then decide which all sites can help you in a better way.

Endless Possibilities through Milestones, Pictorial Storyboards and Exclusive Offers

  • Milestones: Facebook Timelines have made it possible to incorporate several creative social media tactics, adding Milestones being the primary one. Milestones are created for company start and anniversary dates, when reaching your 100K fan count (or even smaller count in multiples of 100), and also to announce launch dates of your new products and services. These alerts updated on a regular basis help attract more customers to your Facebook account and direct web traffic to your business web based site.
  • Pictorial Storyboards: Pictorial Storyboards are more effective rather than simply spamming your clients’ Facebook walls with standalone uninteresting pictures of your products and services. You can release weekly, fortnightly or monthly albums of stories fashioned around photographs of product launches, business expansion details and fringe benefits offered by your organization; and use the Highlight button to promote these pictures. Keeping an eye on comments for such posts is a valuable way to check live feedback from your customers on your promotional activities.
  • Snap Offers, Promotional Contests and Coupon Codes: Announcing special offers and launching promotional contests instantly perk up web traffic count to your Facebook page, which can be then redirected to your website forum links and blogs through links posted on your FB wall. However, these marketing promotional campaigns need to be run with a lot of zeal and authentication, with contest winners announced on time and being offered special discounted prices on services and products as prizes. Issuing coupon codes to random contest winners is also a great way to boost your site activity and grab attention of real-time web traffic.

The Best Technique – Personal Updates

Keeping a personal check through your tablet or smartphone 24/7 gives you a certain competitive edge to check and respond to user comments, questions and complaints irrespective of your geographical location.


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