How to become a freelance blog writer

freelancer writer

Freelance blog writing may not be easy at first but with proper preparation, doing the requisite research can help towards coming up with your best work. Apart from your regular job, you can earn some side income to augment your expenses. It takes some effort and the end result can be very rewarding and fun at the same time. Doing freelance writing is also convenient as you can do your work anywhere, any place and whenever you have the time on hand. Freelance writing is very appealing as there is a freedom attached to it. Here are some ways in which you can be a successful freelance blog writer.

freelancer writer

Create a blog

Creating your own blog is most helpful if you are freelancing, as this will be a platform for you to showcase some of your writings. Your writings need to be high quality though and concentrating on relevant issues, which may be suitable samples for some potential employers. The rules for freelance blog writing are almost the same as writing for print publication. In this case you need to have a good feel for the medium, before expecting people for pay for your work.

Getting noticed on the blog

Your real market will be the other blogs, so try to create interesting articles which will attract regular readers. It takes a while for your blog to get noticed but be patient and continue to post good stuffs. Once you have captured regular readers and if they find your work worthy, they will post it up which will be easier for you. You need to write great articles with catchy headlines in order to get noticed.

You could also offer to do a guest blog for a bigger blogger by writing to them. You could suggest some links for them to some of your best work pieces. You can brand yourself as a good writer by giving some of the bigger bloggers the best, with link backs to your own blog at the end. This way, you will be noticed more by other big bloggers, which can only mean good news for you.

Write to some of the good blogs

Once you have established yourself as a good brand writer, you can send email to some of the big blogs which pay money. You can give details about yourself, send samples of your work with a link to your blog and ask for a trial run for one article. If you write to at least 10 such big blogs, then you might get at least 2 response which should be a good start for you.

Keep a lookout and be good at what you do

Always keep a watch out for any openings for a freelance writer in some of the big blogs, particularly in the subject or area that you are good at. Apply to some of these blogs as a writer looking for a job and give a link back to your blog. You can apply in more than one blog and watch for the result.

If you are lucky to snare an offer from any one of the big blogs, then ensure that you give them the best of your work. High quality work is the utmost importance for yourself as well as the blog you write for.

Always be conscious of your own worth and do your job well, so you can charge the amount which is relevant to the effort you have put in. Whatever topic you are dwelling upon, be sure that you are well versed on it by doing thorough research before writing. Be consistent and submit in your work before the due deadline, as this will reflect your commitment to your job.

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