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google plus

Google’s domination of the search engine market is extraordinary, yet the brand’s emergence in the social media market hasn’t gone as well. Whilst Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest shape and dominate social media marketing, Google+ remains in the shadows as an often forgotten tool. Ignoring Google’s efforts is a bad idea, however, and in this post we’ll show you why you should take your Google+ account more seriously.

google plus

What’s Google+?

The media is doing Google a disservice in suggesting the tool is of little use. Although it may seem as if no one is online when people see their stream as it has been documented most people only log into Google+ around ten minutes each month. However, for any business this dearth of activity won’t matter, and it certainly shouldn’t keep you away from the tool. When business owners log in they will encounter those of their inclination and it can lead to some very effective networking. Getting in early will make vast inroads into marketing their firm. This is as simple as:

*Adding a +1 button to content,
*Touching the +1 button to share good content,
*Add a “Follow Me” button to the site,
*Share the best content, and,
*Circle great additions to the business,

Profile Links

Google+ allows you to embed followed links into your profile using pertinent anchor text. If a small business owner is using other social media to market the brand, these links can be used in the Google+ bio. These links show up in Google rankings. If the business owner builds the brand by gaining followers and becoming a person of interest or a thought-provoking commenter, the links will get him further up the Google rankings. Links are links and Google indexes all of them.


Social media is about sharing. Establishing a Google+ page for a business enables the owner to share only things which will grow the brand; building circles around those who have formerly influenced the branch or business involved can lead to even better networking than on many of the more popular social media sites. Sharing this information, along with views and ideas, form the basis of influence for the circles’ followers.


As with most social media tools there is a sense of growing community values to Google +, and a business should not let their brand suffer through inactivity. Answer any followers’ questions, comment on information shared in addition to sharing information followers have +1ed. Interaction is the keyword here and it will build the brand. You should also communicate with other brands and services to boost your presence.


Sharing how your products work is key area to Google+. Using Hangouts, businesses can give tutorials, how-to sessions, or even question-and-answer programs to demonstrate their products to their clientele. These Hangouts look professional and can be uploaded to the business’ YouTube channel. The products and their functions will reach a larger audience, thereby growing the business owner’s brand. Other social media tools do not have this function. Group discussions among business owners, thought leaders or entrepreneurs can use this function for new ideas and practices as well as helping others grow their brands.

You’re the Expert

When the business owner gains perceptive and inventive persons in the circles, the owner sets her/himself up as the expert. After all, no one knows more about the business than s/he does. In the circles are people that agree and enhance his/her knowledge and capabilities. It’s not a leap of imagination to see the business owner’s picture beside the link in the Goggle rankings as the expert on the subject. It happens every day. Why not let it be you as you build your brand and your reputation? Helping other business owners achieve this standing is a matter of circles and Hangouts.

What Not to Do

What a business shouldn’t do is become lax regarding who to add to their circles. Just anyone may not help grow the brand or contribute useful knowledge or experience to the business. By the same token, sharing content or ideas not enriching to the experience is a ticket to nowhere.

A business must always keep an eye out for those persons and information that will add some value to the business and its clientele. Being consistent in the sharing of information and commenting is important, as is showing a human side away from common business spiel.

Don’t Be Overwhelmed

With the introduction of a new social media sites all the time, businesses hop on the bandwagon to promote their brand. Every business feels the pressure of maintaining a sound social media presence, and it can be somewhat overwhelming. Google +, thankfully, is one of the more simplistic pieces of software. It’s well organized and thoughtful in its content and intent. It is what and how you, the business owner, make it. It isn’t excessively hyped (as with Facebook) and this gives businesses the quiet and organization they need without sinking in a sea of social media waves. And without all the hype, Google can do what it always does: put your business on top.

Alex Morris is a writer for an online cartridges for printers firm in Manchester, England. Our printer supplies have been boosted by Google+, so after some persuading he’s beginning to enjoy the social media tool.


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