What Is The Ultimate Goal Of Web Design?

Web design

None of us take web design seriously. On top of our priority list is SEO, followed by social media and lastly content creation. Web design is just another chore we have to get done with. At most web design may include some nice images to fill the screen. That’s where all of us go wrong. If done properly web design can be an effective means to fulfillment – getting visitors to hit the buy button.

Web design

Different for different people

Effective web design for an artist’s website would mean aesthetically displayed images, nice looking background and appealing look. On the other hand, a website on amoeba would call for a different approach. Its horses for courses. You must create an effective interface to attract an audience – even if it’s for amoeba. It calls for a planned approach towards web design. The elements of your website must be well thought of. The layout and look depends greatly upon your initial assessment. Focusing on SEO and such pulls you away from your main objective.

What are the key elements of effective web design?

There are four factors which will determine whether your website design is effective or not.

Clear objectives

Here we are talking about the main page. Look at any website. Mostly you will never be able to make out the objectives of that site. You face a mass of clutter, advertisements, banner ads, colorful images and little else. The main content and message is lost. In such a situation what do you expect from a visitor?

Your website’s home page is the place where you attract and hold your audience. You have 5-10 seconds to catch your visitor’s attention. If you can’t do this, you are lost. Your web design should focus on the main page and deliver.

Effective navigation

Now that you have grabbed the attention of a visitor, you have to tell him where to go. Notice the words ‘tell him where to go’. This is where your design comes into picture. You have to shepherd, lead, cajole and push your visitor to the page you want him to go. This needs imagination and the subtle art of persuasion.  Your web design must deliver on this count. There are many ways in which you can do this.

Creating Fulfillment tunnel

What is a fulfillment tunnel? It’s the path which your visitor must take to arrive at the fulfillment page. Fulfillment may mean purchase page, download page or the page which completes the objectives of your website. There may be different ways to reach fulfilment. But all roads must lead to Rome – fulfilment.

Reinforcement and providing alternatives

Human mind is a strange animal. We want alternatives, we want choice, we want to choose and select. It’s always wise to provide this choice. Even if it’s superfluous – like choosing between red and blue. When you provide alternatives, people usually tend to go for one or the other rather than none at all. This is a lesson which must be incorporated in an effective web design.

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