Why should businesses take a page from the new Google mobile playbook?

mobile play book

The mobile revolution is here, and with so many consumers toting a smartphone, tablet computer, or other portable multimedia device, brands are scrambling to figure out how they can take advantage of all the activity. Tapping into this relatively new medium can be a challenge, which is why Google is stepping up to lend a hand.

Google recently rolled out its Mobile Playbook, a new resource designed to explain how mobile is “now” and why marketers should be taking advantage of this thriving channel. Going by the fitting subtitle “The Busy Executive’s Guide to Winning with Mobile”, it is essentially an ebook presented in the form of an extensive, yet comprehensive format offering anecdotes, case studies, and market data highlighting the importance of having a presence that engages users on the go.

mobile play book

What’s Inside

One glance at the table of contents, and businesses can easily see that Google put a lot of effort into the new Mobile Playbook. The ebook has more than 6,000 words expanding across five chapters of content. According to the search giant, the objective was to create an engaging resource that not only convinced marketers to skim through the content, but actually read it. In order to do this, Google had to inject tons of creativity and ensure a seamless reading experience from the tablet to the desktop.

The Mobile Playbook was created in part by Hello Monday, a New York-based design studio that specializes in creating visual experiences across both the digital and physical channels. With the agency’s help, Google was able to explore the interactive capabilities of the powerful HTML5 and produce a resource that literally allows users to zip through content. Some of the interaction functionality powered by HTML5 is the navigation menu and dynamic progress bar. These features give the Mobile Playbook of the intriguing aspect of performing like an interactive app, rather than your typical static ebook.

A Platform-Friendly Business Resource

With the Mobile Playbook, Google put a lot of time into creating a resource that provides an optimal experience for tablet users. But this interactive document is not limited to a specific device. In fact, it can be loaded on a smartphone or even a traditional desktop PC. According to Google, the desktop version and tablet are one in the same with the exception of a few slight tweaks to the user interface. It is also interesting to note that because of the HTML5 factor, businesses can load the document up right in their browser. No need to download or install anything.

Google clearly sees the marketing potential in mobile. Aside from the new ebook, the company has also been pushing its GoMo initiative, which is designed to encourage brands to create websites optimized for smartphone and tablet users. While critics will always point to the hidden agendas, savvy businesses who realize the value in such resources can take advantage and position themselves nicely in the mobile space.

Francis Santos is based in the LA area and an up and coming writer for Benchmark Email, a major email marketing company. He graduated from Cal State Long Beach and holds a degree in Journalism.


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