Create A Positive Impact On Your Google Rankings Through Twitter

Google Rankings Through Twitter

More often than not, people tend to get carried away by the thought that having an active Twitter would suddenly boost their Google rankings. If you are one of them, then by now you have probably realized it’s not all that simple.

Improving your Google rankings through Twitter is a task easier said than done. A strategic and methodical approach is required, for it to be efficacious. Any negligence here or there could very well hamper the ultimate result. With that said, the following points will help you to create a positive impact on your on Google rankings, provided it executed properly:

 Google Rankings Through Twitter

Utilize Different Twitter Tools Available

Twitter provides many good tools to build up your profile and increase your online presence. Two of my favorite tools include Paywithatweet and Twtpoll. These tools have proved to be great for business and marketing purpose. They are quite useful generating valuable retweets.

Import Contacts From Other Social Networks

If you really want your Twitter profile to be influential, then you got to have all the big names related to your niche. Therefore, importing contacts from other social networks such as LinkedIn, Google+ etc will really help to strengthen your follower-base, adding great influence to you profile.

Post Content That Offer Value

This probably one of the most important rules of SEO, and yet many people get it wrong time and again. The importance of quality content cannot be denied. If users find your content enthralling, then they are likely to re-tweet it, which raises it chances of getting a good ranking in Google’s search. So always ensure your quality content.

Include Hashtags In Your Keywords

If you really want to improve the SEO of your tweets, then ensure a hashtag is added to all your keywords. For instance, your keyword can be like #socialmarketing.

Don’t Protect Your Tweets

Don’t impose any restriction on your Twitter profile. It must accessible to all who search for it, because only then you would be able to enjoy its benefits. So make sure your profile is a public one.


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