Help Your Twitter Followers Know You Better


Did you ever think about how well your twitter followers know you? Are you well known to them or is your identity a bit obscure?

If you employ twitter (or other social media networks) for the purpose of brand promotion, then the last thing you would want to arouse in the mind of your followers is obscurity.

Businesses are all trust and confidence. So if you are just a bland tweeter, with no real identity, it’s gonna be difficult for your followers to know you and more importantly “trust you”.

On the contrary, if your relationship with your followers is strong, then they are more likely to purchase your product or service. So the question is “how do I instill that kind of trust and personality in my tweets”.


Well, the answer is quite simple. Just follow the given points:

Be Yourself

This point is of utmost importance. You must include your real name in your twitter bio. This helps the users know that they are conversing with one particular person and not a series of officers. Having your own photo as your avatar may also help in depicting this point.

Be Interactive

Regular interaction is a great way of building your relationship with your followers. In addition, try to be swift in responding to your followers tweets. Failure to do so will show your lack of presence on Twitter. And as you know, it’s impossible to build strong relationships with people if you are never really there.

Try To Be Social

Having a professional twitter account doesn’t mean you can’t engage in conversations, unrelated to your business. Try to be social (since it’s a social network, not your company’s website). Talk about things that personally interest you such as your hobbies, favorite movies and so on. Doing so will definitely strengthen your relationships, which will further lead to sales.

Write The Way You Talk

I know this point is pretty obvious; nevertheless, it is important to know that you must write the way you would speak personally. After all, twitter is all about conversations with your followers.


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