How to Choose a Niche For Your Blog


These days a blog niche just means a blog theme, so how do you find a theme/overriding topic for your blog. The first idea may be to look for something that is not exhaustible. A blog on the battle of Hastings may be a nice idea, but eventually you are going to run out of things to write about, and since there are few new developments on it, you are going to struggle to make it a lasting blog. Here are a few tips to help you pick a blog theme.


What do you know?

Is there a subject or topic that you happen to know particularly well? Is there something that you know that will interest people? Sure, you can pick a niche, but you have to remember that some are very small. They are even smaller when you consider that not all members of that niche interest group go online to read blog posts. Pick a topic that you know and consider how much room it has to breathe and whether people are going to be inspired enough to read about it every week.

Pick something that is not of a time-limited interest

If you write blog posts about movies then there is an inexhaustible side to it. There are always new movies coming out and always reasons to keep looking at what is coming out. But, there are things that people may be interested in for short while, but that may not hold their interest for a long time.

Magazines make the same mistake, such as the ones that dedicate a full magazine to the Carp fish, only to realize that there is only so much carp a person can take before not wanting any more of it.

Is there something you are passionate about?

If a person finds a job they love, then they will never work again. It is a nice idea and it translates to your blog by finding something you are passionate about. If you are passionate about it then it is so easy to write about. The content will flow from you and your biggest problem will often be that you have so much content and you are eagerly and impatiently waiting to post it.

Is there a niche related to your day job or studies?

If there is then you may have found a way of stopping writers block in a big way. There is an old saying about writing what you know, and if you are working on a job or studying something then it becomes easier to write about it. The easier you make your job then the more success you are likely to have.

Are you trying to attract a consumer base to your website?

If that is the case then your blog posts should relate to your website in some way. You should be engineering content so that you have a way of influencing people. Influence people and you get them on your website. Your biggest problem is going to be finding a topic that attracts your target consumer, a topic that keeps them coming back, and a topic you can organically link to your website so that people are compelled to have a look.

Is there a blog niche you can turn into a series?

Turn a set of blog posts into a series and you are a step closer to having a successful blog. It has to be a series it is possible to get into every week without starting from the beginning, but it needs to give you a reason to write, “To be continued next week.”

Check out your competition first

If there is little competition, then ask yourself why. Ask yourself why no other blogs, or very few blogs, appear on the search engine results. There is a possibility that few others have thought of the idea, or that nobody has thought of the idea yet, but the chances of that are pretty slim. The biggest probability is that the idea has been thought of and has failed miserably in the past.

Technology niches are profitable

If you are looking to make money via affiliate advertising then you are not going to make a lot. The best topics for that sort of thing are technology niches, and this is partly due to the popularity of mobile devices and partly due to how heavily technology is advertised online these days. Health and dieting blogs can be profitable for affiliate advertising websites and so can blogs about money and business or relationships.

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