15 Simple Ways to Improve your Blog Look

improve blog

If you just have started a fresh blog and have already selected the suitable theme for your blog page. Then you should be aware of the next step in order to make your blog page look more beautiful. It is an important aspect to make suitable timely changes and amendments for new created blog page..

improve blog

There are 15 simple ways to improve your blog look, details are as under:-

1. Change the Header of your blog Page

Change the header of your blog page; it is not a bad idea at all. It would be great to improve the look of your blog page. Proper headings along with log will make it look different. If your hosting different articles, then creating or distinguishing each article from the other by changing the heading color or any other element of the article. The subheadings can be of different colors.

2. Always try to use Simple background image for your blog page

Keep it simple! It means to have simple background image for your blog page, this will certainly make life easy for the reader and also attract the attention of the reader. He or she will like to spend more time on your blog page.

3. Use Effective Designs Instead of Complicated

The overall design of the page plays important role. It should be an effective and eye catching. Your blog page should allow visitors to comment on different articles, blog posts, and other relevant areas. So, suitable or appropriate design will allow visitors to explore more and more and post their comments. A complicated design will discourage the visitors to visit your blog page.

4. Try to use Good Quality Images

Often you have seen that there are images found on various blogs and are relative to the blog’s articles. So, it is good to use quality images on behalf of your blog posts.

5. Add Suitable Videos

If you maintaining videos on behalf of blog’s articles then ensure that the videos should of better quality. There should be no explicit material shown in those videos. They should be representing the idea of the article. However, you blog should have allow visitors to download the videos of their own choice.

6. Comments and Blog Signature

The comments are should provide enough space to the visitors to post their comments on behalf of articles and blog posts. Also there should be space for signature for the visitors.

7. Appropriate Text Size and Font Colors

The fonts should have appeared in the appropriate size and colors. They should be set according to readability of the visitors. They must have different sizes and colors to get attention of the readers or visitors.

8. Page Rankings

The page rank usually is in between the range of 0-10, so your blog posts, articles must be well written or you can say well researched in order to get better page rankings in the search engines.

9. Sales and Marketing Related Options

Usually, having a “Pay per click” or “pay for click” for customer at your blog page is said to be a good option. Because by using this option, they can earn money. So, with the result of this you can have more and more traffic diverted to your blog page.

10. Ask Suitable and Appropriate Questions

Keep exchanging ideas and viewpoints of visitors. Ask them suitable and appropriate questions, instead of asking them personal information in the form of unnecessary questions.

11. Use Proper Language

Always try to use suitable language or incorporate suitable language options on your blog page.

12. Customize the Input Forms

Always try to customize input forms considering feasibility of the visitors.

13. Numbered Navigation

Use numbers at the bottom of your blog page.

14. Avoid Use of Long Titles

Don’t use long titles for your blog articles.

15. Keep it Short and Relevant

Don’t use long posts, keep them short and relevant.

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