Getting Inspiration For Your Blog


You have a blog. You feel you have important stuff for your audience. But somehow you feel that something is missing – inspiration. This is a common problem among bloggers. Here are some ways to get inspiration.

Take Time Off From Your Routine

Doesn’t look like a great inspiring thought? This is what I thought in the beginning. I used to feel that more the time I spent working and writing, I will be more inspired. In reality, this doesn’t happen. Time and again psychologists have shouted from rooftops that you must take time off. Have you heard of the saying “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy”. It’s time you took a break. This free time will give you the motivation to do better. It will inspire you in new ways. It will bring fresh perspective to your writing. I am into auto insurance and let me confess that it’s hard work selling this stuff. Taking a break is like giving me a fresh breath of air. It’s like unclogging my mind and making room for new ideas. It’s cleaning time boys. You better get your mind in order if you want to be inspired.


Reading Other Blogs

Inspiration doesn’t spring from thin air. You must read and read a lot if you really want to get inspiration. I am not suggesting that you copy and paste stuff from other blogs. In fact, I am actually advocating the opposite. There are so many look-alike blogs that it’s difficult to differentiate one from the other. Most blogs are clones of other popular blogs.  When you read other blog posts you realize what you must avoid. Go forth and seek new ideas. Sow more seeds and you shall reap.

Take A Step Back

This is probably the best way to get inspiration. We are so busy in our daily lives that we forget to look at the big picture. You must step back and look down. It’s like an eagle’s view – from high up above. When you look down from that height, you will see what you have never seen before. The confusion and chaos will give way to clarity. I guarantee that you will get new ideas; you will look at things afresh; you will get a new world view. This will inspire you to do better; to do something new; something exciting.

Vacation Once In A While

This time I went on a safari and it was huge for me. One week away to a new locale can do wonders to your mind (and body). Getting away from your usual surroundings to a different place is a must do. You won’t believe the kind of energy it can unleash within you. You not only feel inspired, it’s like a big bubble of enthusiasm bursting from within. It doesn’t matter where you go and what you do. Just get away from your desk and disappear into something new.


Blogging is easy but blogging well is tough. You need inspiration if you want to inspire others.

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