How to Get Your Blog to the Top of Search Engines with Local Search

local search

When it comes to blogging, competition is inevitable—the other blogs want to be the coolest, the blog owners want to be the nicest, the writers want to be the most creative, and the businessmen and businesswomen want to be the fastest.  So where does this leave your blog?

Your blog wants to show up on the top of search engines. If you want people reading your blog or buying your products, they have to be able to find you. Unfortunately, this is the goal for just about every company website in America, and trust me when I say this: That’s a lot of competition.

local search

The way that major search engines such as Google and Bing help make this goal more attainable for small business is through local search. This helps to break down a huge search engine into what acts like smaller search engines. Instead of competing with the whole world, you’re only competing with those in your area. According to Google, “73% of online activity is related to local content.” In other words, focusing on local search engine optimization is a great way to help get your blog to the top. Below lists the two most common ways to make this happen:

Local Search Engine MarketingMade Easy

Set up local search for Google.

By and large, Google is your most important search engine. It is the most successful search engine and this is primarily how your customers will find your blog.

There are the three steps to getting set up with Google local places:

  1. Visit the Google homepage and click on “advertising programs”
  2. Click on “AdWords and create a Google account for your business
  3. Go to “How it Works” and click on “for local businesses”

Once you let Google know you want to show up on a local search by following these steps, you should begin popping up when people type in a search query similar to your company. For example, if someone were to type in “latest styles in women’s clothing” then your company would pop up for that person as opposed to a company states away. This helps make the search engine more efficient for everyone.

Focus on local search engines such as CitySearch or

Although Google is the largest search engine available, many potential customers do use local search engines for better results. If someone is really serious about finding a store in their community, local search engines work great. A few of these other local options include Yahoo! local, AOL local, Windows Live local, and

Local search is one of the easiest ways to put your company on the map. Literally. If you’re a startup company or need an extra pick-me-up, local search can make a huge difference. This is one of the first things your company should do to help grow business to the customers that really matter.
Carol Grady is a writer and marketer for Calvin Klein Underwear retailer, Chonies. She also writes for various blogs and marketing communities giving startup companies financial advice.


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