5 Reasons You Need a New Blog

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The blog originally came in the 1990’s and it was mostly used by a number of journalists and media houses to publish regular news on regular basis. However, with passage of time, every website has a blog now catering infinite number of topics and issues. Unlike the many groups and individuals, you too have a blog which you have been maintaining and managing since long. But as change is regarded the most constant thing to happen in our lives, at times, you may feel of having a new for many reasons.

blog target

The article discusses the top five reasons why you need a new blog. The following are these reasons to shun the old and get a new blog:

1) There is a change in your blog objectives

You must have created your blog to practice your writing skills. It was more of an experiment rather than any serious business. Soon you have a good number of readers at your blog with visitors from different places and walks of life. So the initial goals you had in your mind are achieved, now you want to shift your goals to next level. Now you know the power of blogging and hence want to use this platform to empower people with blogs. Now you want to share your decade long experience of web designing and copyrighting.

Also want share the readers to avoid the mistakes you committed in your career. So with this you have a reason to have a new blog.

2) You see a change in your readers

When you started a blog you had some particular subject which you dealt via this platform. However, it kept changing as and when you got different requests and questions from your readers. So you started writing about overseas employment, however, shifted to topics like tips on writing on blogs. So your ideal reader changed from people who were interested in knowing about overseas jobs opportunities to people wanting to try blogging to improve their business.

Hence you see two groups of readers overlapping each other. However, the rule of blogging says to focus on your readers, hence you need a new blog for other group of readers.

3) You readers desire specialized information

Blogging is all about readers and is certainly not about you. Your readers come first and they often depend upon some committed place to have any specialized information they need. You may deal with so many issues in your blog. At times, your readers would demand to have some specialized place to get exclusive and detailed information on some particular topic. You therefore need to start a new blog to cater this desire of your readers.

4) You desire to help more people

If you are looking forward to help more number of people, you need to focus on them in a proper way. Having a tight focus is preferred than a wide focus. Therefore having two different groups of readers on the same blog, you cannot think of doing justice for both. You certainly require two different places for two different set of people. Then only you will be able to help more number of people. So you have another reason to go for a new blog.

5) You simply think of having just another blog

At times you may feel like having a new blog, which you can certainly go for it. You do not need to consult anyone for this move, simply follow your instincts. After all you know better than anyone along with your readers and your business. Initially, you may feel reluctant in doing so, but slowly you simply get a strong feeling to have another new blog. You soon realize that you are doing good managing two different blogs together.

Treading on a same old path for long at times can become boring and monotonous. Similarly, writing on the same blog can make you feel the same. Hence at times while blogging, you may encounter any of these five discussed reason to have a new blog. So better don’t worry, have another and simply enjoy blogging.

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