Cool Collection of Online page Speed Checker to Speed Up Your Website

google page speed

If the internet connection is slow, there is nothing big turn off than a website with pathetic page speed. You will see this sign – Loading .. Loading .. Loading until you start snoring. Now this is not what we are looking for. Even Google is urgin webmaster to make their websites load faster. Since we cannot think of disobeying Google, here I am going to include a list of online website speed testing tools.

google page speed

Let have a look:

Page Speed Online

This is a brainchild of Google and therefore, there is no doubt that it is the coolest speed testing tool ever existed on earth. This is basically a reincarnation of the much popular Google’s Chrome web development browser extension named as Page Speed. There are loads of information available to make your website load faster. All you need to do is to post the URL of your website in the given box and there you go.

Pingdom Tools

Those of you who do not want to stay dependent on Google all the time, Pingdom Tools is their way to salvation. This online speed testing is free and it gives detailed report on each section and element of your website like images, text etc. And performance graphs for each element is also available.

Free Website Performance Test

Tons of information is available about the loading time, page weight and other issues, which are intrinsically related to fast loading time. You can have report of number of page objects, page weight etc. And this tool has somethinh extra for your website. To help you get a global view of your website’s performance, it pings your website from four different locations.

Which loads faster?

This is the best page loading comparison tool available out there. With this tool you can pitch your website against your competitor website and check who has got the upperhand. A humble suggest, try to pitch Google against Bing and a nice result is waiting for you.


This is a real tool that will render your websites in real browsers and it will give you an option to conducting the test from several server locations around the world and thereby giving you a true picture of your website’s loading time. There are advanced options available and one such is simulating slow internet speed. A real treat for everyone around who want to make their website load fast, really fast.

Web Page Analyzer

This is probably the oldest of all website load time testing tool but this tool still has its relevance. First released in 2003, this website gives you all the details pertained to page’s size, assets, loading time etc.

Show Slow

This is a namesake of an open source server application and the web avatar is the result of the relentless efforts of its developers. This is a cool application that lets users monitor the performance of a website based on the feedbacks given by three different testing tools – dynaTrace, Page Speed and YSlow. Does it sound cool. If your answer is an emphatic Yes, give this tool a green signal.

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