PHP Developer: Are you looking for a Job?


PHP language has brought a revolution to the information technology world. Students in universities and colleges are taking career in PHP. Therefore plentiful PHP job offers come all the way to aspirants assuring lucrative salary packages.

It has evolved as the most efficient open source scripting language and has widely helped the industry experts to do necessary developments in the domain. The language is used by various companies to create attracting websites.

Companies are going online and tailoring wide section of the masses therefore websites of the companies are supposed to be more appealing, to attract more visitors and stay ahead of others. To get this done organizations are volunteering to hire PHP developers who are experts in creating cost effective, compelling and secure website.



Rasmus Lerdorf is the mastermind behind the language. He utilized the first version of PHP to run his own home page. He used the codes of the language to keep the track of all those viewing his resume.

PHP was originally used in website development but sooner its inputs in other applications made it to evolve as a strong language which can be used in a versatile manner. The primary use of the language was the “embedded” scripting language which meant that actual codes of the PHP were embedded in HTML codes. When used this way PHP allowed the web server to process specific organization’s web pages before they are displayed in the respective users web browser.

What can be done with PHP?

PHP developers can do a lot with the language. It basically runs on the web server with PHP codes as the inputs and webpages as the output. Developers use it for command online scripting and graphic user interface application of client’s side.  Besides this it is a versatile language which also helps in creating communicable, effective and stable website to invite customers far and wide.

The ultimate goal of any website is to provide friendly interface so that any customer coming cross the platform can easily handle the tabs. Not all al computer and techno savvy, hence via PHP one can create simple web pages which are attractive as well as convenient to use, furnishing all requisite information about the company.

PHP Developers can use the language to do several things. Few amid many are mentioned below:-

  • Storing Information in Databases
  • Make HTML Web Servers
  • File Managements and Downloads
  • Work with Arrays
  • Checks which browser is used by the user
  • Keeps track of website’s visitors by storing cookies and sessions
  • Generating XTML and Parsing

Benefits of PHP

The language offers plenty of benefits to the users. Few of them are listed below:-

  • Many wonder why the language has gained so importance and the answer is because it can be directly embedded in HTML.
  • It is supported by most of the web servers and can be used on all major operating systems. The language is mainly used for development of language and has quick development time. It takes swift moves in resolving many complex scenarios cropping than other wed designing languages.
  • It is open source, so it is free.
  • The latest version of the language is stable and a mature version and is used for web programming like in Microsoft C and Java.
  • It is extremely versatile language set up as both the PHP code and PHP code can be used for almost any platform and helps in designing more user friendly web pages.
  • It is easier and convenient to write easy and simple databases which helps in creating better and compelling web pages.
  • The developers only require a text editor to work on PHP. Development environment or compilers are not required.

Jobs in PHP

One might really go enticed by the assortment of benefits and multipurpose uses of the PHP language but might wonder about the jobs prospects and career growth in the same.

Well a PHP developer may come across plethora of job opportunities in the industry. In the age of digitization many companies are hiring PHP developers to compete in the intensely competitive environment. Therefore the aspirants can find large number of opening at different levels.

PHP Jobs are available both for fresher and experienced.

Different Level of Job opportunities for PHP aspirants:-

Integration Software Developer

Web Developer

Software Engineer

Mid/ Senior Level PHP Developer

Allied Perks and Incentives

PHP developers are usually hired by leading companies and are entitled to several perks and incentives in the course of their job.

Competitive Salaries and bonus

Better learning ambiance

Promotional opportunities

Motivating working platform

So all those who are looking for a career as a PHP developer can remain care free about career opportunities as the language has taken the computer world by storm and opens plenty of jobs in PHP.

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