5 exciting ways to use QR codes

QR code

After years of popular widespread use abroad, QR or Quick Response codes are finally becoming popular in America. Their spread has seemed to coincide with the widespread usage of smartphones which contain code readers that simply were not there before. They have many uses that make them a lot more useful than simply delivering your desired information in a regular manner. Here are some creative ways to use QR codes to your advantage.

QR code

Promote your website with QR codes.

If you where to place an ad that had a URL to your website, you could be losing many of the customers that would otherwise be interested in your content. This is because it is easy to forget the address of a URL but the immediacy of the QR code scanning will deliver your audience before they can forget or change their mind.

A QR code can assist in providing quick access to information.

If you have a restaurant, for example, playing a qr code sticker on an outdoors chalk board sign containing to link to additional information such as ingredients or nutrition facts is a good way to provide potential customers with a lot of information without making the signage too busy. Since they will be able to travel with the information and read it at their leisure, passersby who may scan the code could be enticed to come back at another time since your information goes with them.

Expand your marketing potential in creative ways using QR codes.

QR codes can be placed on stickers, flyers or even tee-shirts and more. This can help spread your message around a lot easier. Even without any context, it can be very tempting to scan a random QR code found somewhere just to see what it is. This affords you more impressions than some of the more traditional adverts which just get ignored.

Captivate your audience using QR codes with a scavenger hunt.

QR codes can be deftly hidden in an area and if you have an online presence strong enough you can offer prizes to those who may be the first to find it. This kind of activity can provide a lot of publicity for very little money put up.

Use a QR code to promote your mobile app.

QR codes can point to more than just websites, if you have an app associated with your business a QR code can take someone straight to the app marketplace of their phone to the location where your app is available for download. This is more effective than just telling someone about your app because it might not be one of the top results when searching for terms related to your app.

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