How Often Should You Redesign Your Blog?


As a recent website owner, I have found that I am addicted to searching for WordPress themes. There is always something that I don’t like about a theme, but I eventually install one and see what I can do with it to make it more to my liking. Being that my website is new, I am still in the design process and do not have to worry about anyone noticing. I’m planning to get everything just right before I really start marketing my brand. However, even when I think I’m close, I tend to see something that I like better and want to make a change. There will come a time when this has to stop, so I can’t help but wonder: How often should you redesign your blog?


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Why You May Need to Redesign Your Blog

Before worrying about how often you can redesign your blog, it’s important to consider why you may want a redesign in the first place. Simply “I’m sick of it” is not a good reason to always want to issue a redesign, but the following reasons do make sense from a logical standpoint:

  1. Doesn’t Display on Mobile Devices – More and more people are beginning to surf the net on mobile phones and tablets such as the iPad. You want to make sure that you have a responsive web design so that your website will format to fit these different screens.
  2. Varying BrandingIf you started your website with a certain color scheme but then changed this color scheme as you began designing your office and marketing, it’s time for a change. This also goes for logos and other symbols associated with your website. Everything should remain consistent for readers.
  3. Outdated Talk with others and ask them if they think your website is outdated and look at your competition. If you’re finding that your website does not have large enough graphics or has an old, clunky layout, it might be time for a redesign.
  4. Low Conversion Rate–This is a metric that will help you determine how well your website is performing. If you see that not many people are sticking around to read your site, it may be time for a redesign.

Sometimes you may want to redesign your blog just because you think you could make it look better, but it’s important that you only do this on occasion. How often you can redesign your blog while not losing visitors really depends upon your audience.

Redesign Your Blog Based on Your Audience

Once your blog is up and running, it’s important that you keep it consistent so that your readers will not get turned off by having to learn something new. Changing a website every few weeks would be entirely too much to keep up with, and eventually your readers will go somewhere where they know they can count on being able to navigate their way around quickly and easily.

Malleck Design suggests that a website owner redesign his/her blog based upon the average users of that site, and I agree. For example, if your site targets an older crowd, you may not want to worry about making changes or making things too high tech. In this case, you may only want to redesign your blog every 5 or so years.

If your readers are a younger demographic, you should probably consider redesigning your blog every 3-5 years. This will keeps things fresh, but not too overwhelming.

How often do you redesign your website? Have you found that you redesigned too soon and lost visitors? Let us know in the comments!

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