How To Make People Share Your Post


The same sinking feeling is most likely to surge when you look at the appealing social sharing statistics of your blog at Google Analytics. But as veteran blogger, I personally know how hard it is to attract steady steam of readers to a blog who would not mind post valuable comments after going through the entire post with unfailing attention. So, if your blog is struggling to curry flavor with your readers or is failing short of drawing enough comments, you should not be disheartened, because there is a reason to hope. Here we are going to share some top and bullet proof tips that may help you turn things around and make readers devour and share your content like anything else.


Treat Them As Friend and Not Fans:

Since you are not a rockstar, you need to make sure that you are treating your readers with equal attention. There is point in making them feel offended by ignoring altogether. There are some bloggers who think themselves above criticism and they fail to take constructive criticism in good spirit. So, you can bump on sites where you see that the feedbacks of the visitors are not taking into consideration and if you follow these practices, you will see a steady decline in the number of tweets, sharing and other things. So, you need to make sure that visitors are given due attention and show respect to their suggestions even when you cannot agree. Try to be friendly with them and above everything else, do jump at every opportunity to get cozy with your readers. Be friendly and be personal whenever possible.

Make them Come Back:

So, you have succeeded in building up a good relationship and that has a personal touch too. This looks really great but to get more social love, you need to produce meaty content and by meaty content, I mean that your content has to be addictive enough to seize the attention of the most absent minded readers and to make visitors return to your site, you need to be very particular about the quality of the post. It has to be interesting, engaging and informative at the core and make sure that people are getting something to learn rather than posting the same old fluffy content. Try not to make your post look ordinary. You can jazz up the look and feel of your blog by adding some images, videos and other elements. Give them a try and you will have a better world to live. Infographics are a great way to make your post stands out from the rest and rumors have it that it can give boost to sharability of a post.


You may be one of those talented bloggers whose minds are always filled with creative ideas but it is not possible to transform each idea into a 1000 words article. It is really time consuming and cost a considerable amount of man power. Try to break things into small articles. Since people on the social media are living on bites and not on a researched article 5000 words long, you need to produce great content but without leaving rough around the edges. Here quality and quantity both matter.

Get People Engaged:

Good is not enough, you need to make sure that the content is great enough to get the social love. A tightly written content is good for making your readers feel satisfied but this is not a great achievement. You should do everything possible on your part to make your readers a part of the content. Try to address them and ask them do some real thing, like do a Google search for example and add some call to actions texts within the body content and you will see better visitors engagement at the end of the day.

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