6 Common Social Media Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

social media

Social media may be unpredictable. But, it is one of those effective marketing tools for entrepreneurs. The results only depend how they use it.

Sometimes, entrepreneurs fail to realize the mistakes they’re committing thinking they are only small. Thing is, we can never underestimate errors. One small mistake you commit today may over time degrade your brand’s value.

It is essential to be aware of common social media mistakes so you get to avoid them at all costs.

Over sharing

social media

 You feel irritated when someone floods your feeds with irrelevant posts. Even when you do know the person, you sometimes feel the urge of removing them from your contacts. Never give your readers the same annoyed feeling. Limit your posts each day, and make sure that each matters. Frequent posting isn’t the only thing that can make you noticed. Sharing quality, worthwhile reads also increase your brand’s value.

Forgetting audience

Yes, you have amazing products and services. However, your Facebook marketing is frail. What could be the reason? You speak only about your company’s greatness. You share only positive testimonials from clients. You overlook people’s wants and needs. Study your target audience. Talk to them about information they want heard. Perhaps you can even ask them topics they want you to talk about. Never make everything only about you.

Hard selling

Imagine your friend who sends you a private message. You were excited to read what they have to say just because you missed them a lot. Then they talk about products their company is selling. They didn’t even respond to your last message. Your audience does not want to be bombarded with promotional announcements. While social media provides a good avenue to talk about special offers you’re running, see to it that you’re taking it moderately.

Posting one and the same

Yes, it takes more work coming up with a different post on each channel you have. But this is also one way you can maximize the benefits each of your platform has to offer. You need not publish the same thing on Facebook as you said on Twitter. Make room for variety. And be cautious about how you deliver your message. How you present your story is as crucial as your story, itself. Keep yourself abreast with the latest developments on website features, for instance.

Using social media one-way

social media

Engage your audience. Do not just publish tips or broadcast what’s happening in your organization right now. Thank people who have been sending you messages or consistently sharing your posts to their followers. After I write my papers and share them online, I make time to thank all those giving my work a thumbs up. Show people you value their support and appreciation, too. They are your treasures, remember.

Addressing customer concern only through social media

Social media aids you converse to your clients, real time. But it is impossible that you be able to respond to all messages you are receiving in a day. We are talking about hundreds or maybe even thousands of followers who have urgent inquiries. If you will rely only on your social media accounts for customer service, then chances are you will end up with more pissed clients. Turnaround time for processing requests will end up slower. You do not want to lose clients for poor customer service. It can haunt you for years to come.

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