Top 10 Ways to Get More Twitter Followers


Twitter, the most popular micro-blogging service used by millions of people around the world from all aspects of life has become one of the most important means to connect to friends, family and to the outside world. In order to twitter or connect through the system all you need is a free account and a PC or a mobile with internet connection.

The micro blogging site has become a sensation in such a short while due to its simplicity and because almost all the big celebrities from around the world can be found on the site.

Here you can write your views on a topic so that your friends and others can read them and offer their comments to it. Celebrities and high profile people have followers but if an unknown person opens a twitter account, do you really believe that apart from a few can you really develop more followers, probably not?


The good news is that there are actually ways and tactics to get more followers on twitter that will not only read what you say, but also comment and offer their valuable views on many other topics. However, why would you want more followers, what are the advantages of having more followers? Here are some reasons:

More Followers Extend More Influence

Twitter is a great medium for spreading ideas and ideologies. If you have ideas worth sharing, you can spread them to hundreds, thousands or millions at a go. The medium also increases your influence within the system and in the society because more the followers, more the people assume your expertise on some subject or at least believe that you are someone interesting.

More Followers Lead to More Sales

Everyone is on twitter either to be entertained, to remain connected or for promotion of product, brand or idea.  It is also well known that greater your network, greater the number of sales that you can clock. Hence larger the number of followers that you can garner, chances of clocking higher number of sales increase.

Hereunder are the 10 most valuable ways to get more followers on Twitter:

1. Tweet During Peak Hours

If you want more and more people to follow you or read what you have to say or write, the best way is to do that in the peak hours. This means the time when there are maximum people active on the twitter. According to a study in the US, it shows that there are maximum numbers of people at 9 am, 3 pm and 6pm in the evening.

2. Send @ messages to Top Twitter Users

This is a great way to be noticed on twitter. There is something called @ messages that you can send to anyone on twitter whether you follow him or not or he follows you or not. See how it works- If you want to send a message to someone you don’t follow or he does not follow you and want others to see, you can just post @ message on you profile and anyone visiting your profile can see the message.

3. Ask Questions

One great way to add followers on the twitter is by engaging people so that they tweet back to you. You can do this by posing questions to people on any topic that interests you or even on any current affair or even sports. It has been seen that even people from outside tend to send in their answers to the most common questions asked on such sites. This way you can make people interested in you and follow you.

4. Create an Interesting Bio

Unless you are a famous personality, creating an interesting and effective bio is the greatest way to increase followers on the twitter. Since you get very limited words to say about your self, be clever, creative and intelligent while writing your bio. In addition, a clever mix of self-description mixed with your other links can be a good way to people interested in what you say or write.

5. Share Valuable Content with your Followers

This is probably the most important way to increase followers. People like to follow those who can inspire, provide helpful resources, links and content that they can pass on to their followers.

6. Attach your Photograph

It is always important for people to see the face of the person that he is following. It is not the way that the other person looks or his personality that attracts a person but face value is one thing that every person wants to see before following.

7. Make Your Twitter Presence Visible

Make it easy for people to follow you. If you do not provide links to your twitter account, then even if you offer valuable tweets, people will not be able to follow you and add to your growing list.

8. Keep you posts short enough to re-tweet

Re-tweets are there only to be noticed by those who do not follow you. Therefore, you must keep your tweets as short as possible so that your followers can add the RT symbol and your username to re-tweet.

9. Don’t Use Auto Responder

Never use auto responder to thank your followers because instead of being understood as being courteous, it is considered as annoying.

10. Avoid too Much Promotion

Yes, you can promote your products, services, and blogs on the twitter but be careful because excess of promotion cannot only leave you stranded with the followers you already have, it can also result in loss of your existing followers.

This guest post is by Debarshi Ghosh Dastidar. He is a twitter addict and always finding ways to increase twitter followers. He sometimes recommends to buy twitter followers.


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