5 Web Design Trends to Lookout For In 2013

web design trends 2013

There have been so many changes and updates happening in the web design field right from the start because of the reason that it is dynamic. You can expect better changes and updates in web designs every year because people always try to develop some better ideas for creative web designs. The changes could also be some fix for the issues that were found with the already available web designs. Whatever it is, you can expect more changes to come always in the future in the field of web design. This article is going to help you in finding out what is happening with web design currently and what are the web design trends that are considered hot today. The coolest web designs always receive a good response from the users. And, here you go some of the coolest, yet creative web designs that rocks the market today.

web design trends 2013

Better way to define the landing pages

The business executives know how internet plays an important role in their business life. Selling goods online attract a huge base of customers. You can reach out to many customers globally. To be unique and to stand in this vast market, you should know how better you could create and redefine your landing pages.Your landing page should be perfect and it should focus on the basic elements of your service or products. Pictopro offers you more than 600 professional crafted vector icons. It works straightforward and the process is so simple.

Infinite scrolling

Generally, you can scroll a page on the website only up to a certain limit i.e. only till the page ends. Infinite scrolling means you can keep on scrolling on a web page, where the pages will get updated with content each time you visit the end of the page. Therefore, you will have to scroll down infinite times to reach the end of the webpage. One better example of website that has incorporated this feature is Pinterest. If you scroll down to the end of the page of pinterest, you can see more pins and images are getting loaded, thus extending the length and scroll of the page.

One page layout

It is simply telling about yourself or your business in a single page to avoid any clusters and to make it more readable. Such one page layouts will be clean and perfect. However, you should try to convey all the vital information about your service or products that your customers need to know about you in your single page layout. You can simply call it as a web version of your business card. All you have to include is how to contact you, what kind of business is yours, your profile history, your contact details and all such important information. It is certain that this kind of approach will make a high waves in the web design market in the future.

Give an intro about yourself to your customers through introboxes

Including introbox on your homepage will let your user know about some basic information of you. It is considered a better replacement for the old trend of including ‘About me’ section in every home page of a business website. The main advantage of introbox is you will have only limited space and within that, you should try to convey all about you. Therefore, without including any stories, you will tend to include only important information about yourself there, which improves the readability of the content. Many sample websites are there online which have used this feature. Introbox helps you to let your visitor not skipping to the main part directly without a wish to know about yourself.

Large photo backgrounds

Most of the people today want to have a big shot of photos in the background. Big background photos can increase the customer attention towards your products. Many shops today want to display their product photos in bigger size in their online sites. The big photos can be pleasing to eyes. A better photo can have a great impact in the sales of your product. The concept of including bigger photos in the background has been around for a while, but now this trend is taking a full swing.


We have so many other trends that catch up the attention of the users in this year 2013. You can expect even more in the future. Just stay tuned and look out for more popups of better web design trends. Web design is always changing and it will continue its dynamic characteristic forever.

This guest post is by Janice. Janice is a creative writer and wallpaper enthusiast. She is a big fan of WallpapHD. She also visits DownloaDesktopWallpapers.com to download cool HD wallpapers.


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